Making The Case for Svetol® Coffee Extract

Most people don’t believe in health supplements that claim to deliver rapid fat loss. Most of the time, those doubts are well founded since there have been numerous weight loss pills, drinks and supplements in the past that turned out to be nothing more than a waste of money. No one wants to get ripped off, but there are marketers out there that know people are desperate to lose weight and will try almost anything. Thankfully, there’s now something that is proven to work. Something that you can buy with confidence knowing that it isn’t just another waste of money – green coffee bean extract with svetol.

The medical community is an awe and even well-known, celebrity health experts like Dr. Oz are fully on board. This revolutionary weight loss supplement is going to change the way we think about weight loss. It helps you to permanently get rid of fat, but it also delivers a number of other health benefits too. After the initial burst of interest in green coffee extract though, marketers were quick to start churning out sales sites and advertisements for extracts that were far inferior to the ones used in studies.

What makes this new weight loss aid so powerful is a single little ingredient that’s naturally found in unroasted coffee beans – chlorogenic acid. It’s that one thing that encourages a stable blood glucose level and decreased insulin activity, which in turn produces the amazing fat burning that it does.

Understanding Chlorogenic Acid
Chlorogenic acid is a vital antioxidant, as well as an anti-inflammatory. After you eat, it jumps into action hindering the amount of glucose that’s sent into your bloodstream. The effectiveness of it on weight loss has been studied rigorously by several different organizations. Even Dr. Oz assembled his team of medical experts to conduct a study and unveiled the results live on one of the episodes (yes, it worked).

Chlorogenic Acid Withing Green Coffee Extract
Chlorogenic acid is only found in unfermented, unroasted coffee beans. If the beans are put through any kind of roasting process, the acid is pretty much destroyed. For best results, the extraction process should ensure that the end-product has a bare minimum of 45% GCA (green coffee antioxidant). Impurities and other compounds that are naturally found in the beans should be removed throughout the process, too. This means that not every green coffee extract you find for sale will be of the same value and potency.

Why Choose Svetol Green Coffee Bean Extract?
Svetol is trademarked and is the only extract you can currently find that’s created from Robusta coffee beans. Other extracts are created from the average Arabica coffee beans. Svetol® adheres to a very stringent extraction process that meets the guidelines we talked about above. The extraction process used for Svetol eliminates two specific compounds that can have negative health effects: kahweol and cafestol.

Not only that, though. There are tons of generic green coffee extracts flooding the market now. Some of them have not been thoroughly tested. But if you buy one with Svetol then you know it’s something you can trust. It’s been studied numerous times, both clinically and experimentally.

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