Be Aware of the Raspberry Ultra Drops Scam

rasp ultra drops theifKeeping you informed of new weight loss products is one of our highest priorities. Today we’re going to look at Raspberry Ultra Drops. This is just one of the many raspberry ketone products available right now, but let’s be very clear from the start: You do NOT want to do business with this company. Stay away! That may seem harsh, but you’ll understand why in a minute – here are just a few things we’ve learned about them…

Fraud Fraud and More Fraud – Thousands of Cases!

It only takes a few seconds to see what kind of scam company they are running. Just look at the thousands of reports against them all across the internet, including Facecrooks, ScamBook and ComplaintsBoard. They’re plastered all over these consumer reports sites.

They’re accused of all sorts of things:

  • Not sending orders
  • Charging for more orders without customer’s consent
  • Straight up fraud
  • Breaking into customer email accounts and sending mail on their behalf
  • False advertising
  • … and the list goes on

One customer is a real estate agent – the Raspberry Ultra Drops company hacked into her accounts and sent emails to her customers, possibly forever ruining her reputation with clients and costing her hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The claims made against this company are some very serious ones and I for one can’t believe they haven’t been shut down.

ultra drop scam targetDamages Hit Millions of Dollars!

If you were to sit down and go through every single claim you can find against them, you’d see that they currently have OVER 2 MILLION dollars in damages claimed against them. This alone should be more than enough to make you understand: Stay Away!

Unproven and Stupidly Outrageous Claims

Yes, weight loss products are well known to make some pretty far fetched claims. However, there’s either proof it works or there isn’t. With Raspberry Ultra Drops – there ISN’T.

“Lose half a pound to three pounds per day, normally about 1 ½ pound per day”

Are they serious? No wonder there are poor people who quickly hit the order button and get scammed. Don’t fall for it. Heck, they even contradict themselves. In another section they say that 1-3 pounds per week is the norm. That’s a far cry from 3 pounds per day, isn’t it?!

Stupidly Over Priced

Let’s say you’re brave enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. You’ll be paying almost $70 for one bottle of Raspberry Ultra Drops. What makes that even worse is that they don’t even tell you what’s really in it. There’s no way on earth I’d buy a health supplement that I couldn’t view the label for.

It’s clear that Dr. Oz believes in raspberry ketones. But don’t let this company fool you into believing he recommends their brand. He would NEVER do that – they don’t even tell you clearly how much raspberry ketone is in their product.

Not showing ingredients, amounts and the actual label is common among scammers – they put very little quality ingredients in these products.

ultradropsrefundNo Refunds

Although they state clearly that they offer a money back guarantee, I haven’t found anyone who has ever received their money back. Heck, a lot of people don’t even get what thy ordered – and they still aren’t able to obtain a refund from this company.

… And Our Conclusion

Like you can’t already guess what we conclude. Again, STAY AWAY. In most cases, we try to cover both positive and negative points about different weight loss products. Unfortunately, we simply can’t find ANYthing positive to say about this company. A sub-par product that likely won’t even get if you order, stupid claims that are clearly over the top, overcharging and committing all out fraud.

Do NOT do business with Raspberry Ultra Drops!

Who We Recommend…

Luckily, there is one supplier of raspberry ketone drops that offers a very high quality product and stands behind it 100%. There’s no hogwash here and they offer tons of information about not only the product, but weight loss in general, to help you make the right choice for you. It’s AliveByNature and you can find it here.

• Why do we like this supplier?

• They have an awesome product

• Their drops are all natural and proven to be effective

• They’re very forthcoming about their products and let you view the labels

• They care about their customers

• They will refund within, not 60, but 90 days – no questions asked (Even opened bottles – That says right there that stuff works, as no one asks for refunds!)

You can get their raspberry ketone drops here.




People often want something to help the achieve their weight loss goals without having to drastically change their diet or exercise. The supplement Raspberry ultra drops claimed to help a person lose up to two pound a day. Recently it was discovered that this weight loss supplement was nothing but a scam. The company that manufactures these drops has been brought up on charges for fraud for false advertising and a number of similar things.

People that have used the raspberry ultra drops have spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this produce. The website itself for this product is nothing but a scam. The language and use of grammar shows that English is not the language the manufacturer is familiar with. This site even has a disclaimer stating that they are not responsible for anything that happens to a persons computer while they are on that site. Fraud protection agencies are now taking action and warming people against this diet supplement.

Raspberries really can help a person lose weight when they are actually used in a product. A person is not going to lose two pounds a day but they can get some help reaching their goal. Raspberry ketone is the natural substance found in raspberries that helps the body block out fat. The ketone makes the fat cells smaller and the body can use them up for energy. It also helps keep the body feeling full and helps reduce cravings for certain foods especially those high in fat. The raspberry ketone can be taken in supplement form. They should also be used with healthy eating habits and regular physical activity.

When looking for a diet aide read the labels carefully. Make sure it contains all the products and ingredients that is it advertising it does. In order for a product containing raspberries to be effect be sure to get at least 100mg of ketone a day. If a product that makes claims that should too good to be real they usually are. This is nothing that can help a person lose two pounds a day. When combine with proper eating habits and physical activity raspberry and real raspberry products can aide a person is reaching their ideal weight.

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